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Vegan Berlin #1

Greetings! Berlin is cool, no doubt – cool cool, normal cool, I wish I was that cool cool, trying really hard to be cool, out of this world cool, wannabe NYC cool – you name it, Berlin is it. The historian in me LOVES Berlin. The past controls the city; he is everywhere you look…. Continue Reading →

Spring Pasta with Green Asparagus

Greetings! One of the cultural phenomenon that I encountered when I moved to Germany was that of the Spargel  – Asparagus in German. White or green, with a very short season (mid May till mid June) the Spargel is being celebrated intensively in Germany; you can buy it everywhere and eat it everywhere.  The highlight… Continue Reading →

Roasted Spiced Fennel

Greetings! First, I must admit: I cannot eat raw Fennel! I cannot stand the smell and taste; I am not a big fan of Anise flavor and raw Fennel is just not my thing, thus for many years I avoided this funny looking vegetable. But just like with many other things that I was sure… Continue Reading →

Burekasim? Yes! Burekasim!

Greetings! Burekasim are easy to make and are perfect for a light summer dinner, served with a salad, tahini and some side veggies. In Israel Burekasim are super popular. We buy them in bakeries, by the kilo, and they are filled with different kinds of cheeses or potatoes or mushrooms or olives or or or…… Continue Reading →

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