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Vegan Tel Aviv #2

Greetings! As promised, my second account of the local vegan scene in Tel Aviv.  As mentioned on my first post about Vegan Tel Aviv, the vegan lifestyle is currently strong in Israel; lots of new places, tastes and options combined together with the Israeli kitchen that result in a true heavenly vegan and vegan friendly… Continue Reading →

Thai Curry FTW!

Greetings! I was thinking for some time if to start this post with health details regarding coconut milk but then, while researching, I made up my mind: this blog is not about what’s good or bad for us, and I am not going to invent the wheel with new breakthrough information; yes coconut milk has… Continue Reading →

Sabich – probably the best sandwich in the world…

Greetings! I just came back from three weeks vacation in Israel and let me tell you, it is a wonderful place for vegans! Hummus, Falafel, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables with a real taste, wonderful olives, vegan restaurants and cafes… and vegan options in almost every restaurant… oh the joy! (read my account of… Continue Reading →

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