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Mexican Fiesta

¡Hola The first time I ate Mexican food was when I moved to NYC; before that I had no clue about the Mexican cuisine and was happy to discover how colorful, fresh and vegan friendly it can be (back then I was only a vegetarian though). Today I am happy to present to you my… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Pizza

Perfect dough! And yes, the husband eats his with a fork and a knife… O.o Do you know a single person who doesn’t like pizza? Me neither. At the first few years of my vegan life the pizza disappeared from my diet. I didn’t bother to make any at home and on the very rare… Continue Reading →

Mini Za’atar Bombs

Hello! As promised on my birthday picnic post, I am happy to share with you the recipe for my Za’atar Bombs. I am guessing that some of you are rolling their eyes and already opening Google in order to find what the hell Za’atar is… so here’s a short explanation: Za’atar is a herbs and… Continue Reading →

Birthday Picnic!

Greetings! My birthday was always and still is a big deal for me. Being an August kid isn’t easy and I had my share of bitterness when I was younger; having to celebrate in May or June, before school is over, or celebrating almost alone because either we were away, like on my 18th birthday… Continue Reading →

Creamy Mushrooms Pasta with a Twist!

Greetings! Long time no see, I know… but it was mainly because my birthday took place and as most proud Leos it kept me busy. I had a wonderful day and organized a vegan picnic to more than 20 friends, I am planning on dedicating a post for that but it will have to wait…. Continue Reading →

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