The Perfect Pizza


Perfect dough! And yes, the husband eats his with a fork and a knife… O.o


Do you know a single person who doesn’t like pizza?

Me neither.

At the first few years of my vegan life the pizza disappeared from my diet. I didn’t bother to make any at home and on the very rare occasions of ordering one it was without cheese – hence, “Sad Pizza” (as my sister named it).

However, not so long ago, a new German vegan cheese entered my life: Wilmersburger and although I was very suspicious about vegan cheeses I gave it a try and was happy to discover that the shredded cheese is perfect for pizzas; texture and appearance wise and above all, taste.  [More about Wilmersburger]


Once the cheese factor was solved I only had to findthe perfect pizza dough and was lucky enough that the recipe found me… I came across a recipe at my friend Gil’s blog (“Cooking & Eating” in Hebrew). Gil is a king in the kitchen and can create things I am not even thinking of yet, but his dough looked simple – it had dry yeast – and even though I do not have a blender like he does, I decided to give it a chance.

The first time I tried Gil’s dough I had tears in my eyes; my pizza came out AMAZING! And since my husband is a big pizza fan I make it quiet often (more often than I should!) and each and every time I am amazed how simple, quick and tasty this dough is.


It is with Gil’s permission that I am bringing you here the recipe for a perfect pizza, and I promise you, it won’t let you down!

A few points before we start:

  • It is always good to have dry yeast at home
  • I do not have a blender and knead the dough with my hands
  • I do have an oven stone and although it is heavy it is really a great asset for making a lovely pizza – and other doughy things like pitas!
  • Pizza toppings are like science on one hand– the right combination is very important – and like anarchists on the other – use what you love and have
  • Sometime it’s better to make two small pizzas than one big one – toppings wise it saves those who do not like pineapple on their pizzas…
  • Pizza dough can be freeze once ready – I have done that a few times – you will need less than an hour to defrost it

Dough (from Gil’s recipe for White Pizza):

Ingredients – for two rather big personal pizzas

  • 500 gr flour – I use white simple flour
  • One bag of dry yeast – in Germany it says on the bag “for 500 gr of flour / it’s 2 teaspoons of yeast / almost 10 gr
  • 1 ¼ cups of lukewarm water
  • 1 spoon of olive oil
  • ½  spoon of sugar (Gil puts one spoon, I think half is enough for me)
  • 2 teaspoons of salt



  • Mix flour and yeast
  • Add water
  • Add sugar
  • Knead knead knead knead knead
  • Add salt
  • Knead till a smooth yet sticky dough is formed
  • It is OK if the dough stick to the bowl a bit – if it is too sticky add a bit flour
  • Cover the bowl and hid in a warm dark place
  •  The dough needs maximum two hours to rise to double of his original size



  • You can buy a jar of your favorite tomatoes sauce and save some time and dishes. My favorite is the Brilla Tomato & Basil sauce that has the following as ingredients: Diced, Tomatoes, Tomato Puree (Water, Tomato Paste) Onions, Olive Oil, Basil, Sugar, Salt, Garlic, Natural Flavoring. Good enough for me!
  • Or you can make your own using: onions, garlic, grated fresh tomatoes, tomatoes paste/juice, olive oil, salt & pepper, dry oregano, dry basil and dry thyme – just cook it all in a big pot till it reaches the desired consistency.


And while the dough rises and (maybe) the sauce is cooking we can prepare the toppings; no rules here, just use what you love and have.

This is my favorite combination:

  • Onion
  • Tiny bit of fresh garlic
  • Tomatoes
  • Artichoke hearts
  • Olives
  • Mushrooms
  • Green olives

Pineapple is for the husband!!!


Once the dough is ready we can start heating the oven – on the highest temperature for at least 30 minutes (mine is 275c / 530f). If you have a baking stone that’s the time to put it on the bottom of the oven.



  • Spilt the dough into two equal parts
  • Roll each piece on a floury surface (or a baking sheet), using a rolling pin – I like thin crusty dough so I roll it as thinly as I can – you can roll it to a thicker dough and even create a cheesy crust if you wish
  • Lay the dough on a baking paper on a pan



  • Add sauce
  • Add toppings
  • Add spices / dry herbs (basil, oregano, thyme, garlic powder, chili flakes etc.)
  • Add vegan cheese
  • Brush the edges of the pizza with some olive oil


Bake for 10-15 minutes – on the stone (with baking paper so it won’t get dirty), or on a pan, on the lower part of the oven until the crust is brown and the cheese is fully melted

Here is Václav waiting for the pizza…


Once out of the oven, Gil taught me another trick, you can drip a few truffle oil on the pizza but only a tiny bit – like 3-4 drops!

Slice, serve and enjoy!


With Tofurky Pepperoni


With dry tomatoes and asparagus


With artichokes


With cheesy crust


With bell peppers



With pineapple… not for me!

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