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Ptitim Paella

Greetings! First, some credits: An Israeli blog, non-vegan, called “Ptitim”, yes yes, just like the main ingredient of this dish. The blog is known for simplicity, awesome photos and crazy fusion of tastes and ingredients. I have seen the Ptitim Paella there for the first time. I also used the Paella recipe from Yotam Ottolenghi,… Continue Reading →

Hearty Chili

Greetings!  Winter is coming and therefore the need for something hearty, warm, “stewy” and in my case also colorful and rich with flavors! My chili is simple to make, I am sure that by now you realized that I am a big fan of doing a serious prep work and then throwing it all in… Continue Reading →

Tom Yum – Thai Hot & Sour Soup

My dad LOVES Tom Yum; the real one, with shrimps swimming inside, therefore he was puzzled when I told him I am going to make a vegan version. “Tell me”, he said, “how can one make shrimpless Tom Yum?”. I knew he was joking and I am sure that if he was around to taste… Continue Reading →

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