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So, shalom! I’m Inbar (Hebrew for Amber), originally from Eilat, Israel, a sleepy tourists’ city on the shore of the Red Sea.

Eilat --> Hamburg [I also stopped in NYC for a few years]

I am Currently living in Hamburg, Germany, with my wonderful husband and my precious out of this world awesome vegan toddler named Lennon.


Also in our family: Václav the cat – named after Václav Havel, the late Czechoslovak president and a personal hero of mine!


Vegetarian from the age of 13 and  vegan since 2009 – cooking is my hobby.











IMG_20151107_205633 IMG_20151201_183238

I enjoy making food! Cooking, baking, researching, and experimenting. My food is not re-inventing the wheel; it is (mostly) simple, fresh, colorful and kind of healthy. I am not a big fan on complicated stuff and being the impatient person that I am, most of the time I need immediate results.

My dad used to work in East Asia, where I spent most of my childhood vacations, so no wonder that I love love love love love the Asian kitchen and it is my favorite! Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Indian. I love it all! 


I also love the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean kitchens, both strongly present in Israel where we eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits… and I mean it, a lot! 

Aside from vegan cooking I love taking photos [IG: Vegan_Dorian_Gray ], enjoy running, and aspire to become a writer.

I offer a monthly Israeli cooking workshop at Hamburg’s vegan cooking School – Kurkuma – check the website for dates and prices! 


Please make sure to check the other pages!

Thank you!




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5 Responses to “Me”

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  2. Mar says:

    Dear Inbar,

    honoring your effort and endurance for the 100 Spot Challenge on IG I thought it would be neat putting every single frame into a little GIF-Animation. Hope you enjoy the result. You can find it here:

    All the best wishes

  3. Maike says:

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award 🙂
    So many lovely recipes! So many lovely pictures! 🙂

    • Dorian Gray says:

      Maike, this is so nice and sweet of you! I am going to read what this award is all about!
      Thank you so so much!

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