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Mini Za’atar Bombs


Hello! As promised on my birthday picnic post, I am happy to share with you the recipe for my Za’atar Bombs. I am guessing that some of you are rolling their eyes and already opening Google in order to find what the hell Za’atar is… so here’s a short explanation: Za’atar is a herbs and… Continue Reading →

Sabich – probably the best sandwich in the world…


Greetings! I just came back from three weeks vacation in Israel and let me tell you, it is a wonderful place for vegans! Hummus, Falafel, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables with a real taste, wonderful olives, vegan options in almost every restaurant… oh the joy!  So today I would like to introduce you to… Continue Reading →

Sinaya – Cauliflower & Tomatoes & Tahini


Greetings! In my last Tel Aviv visit I came across the magical combination of tomatoes, cauliflower and tahini in a form of a popular dish from the Arab kitchen: Sinaya (+at least 5 different ways of spelling it…). Sinaya is the traditional clay pot that is used to cook this dish, but I do not… Continue Reading →