Shalom and Welcome!

It has been two years since I’ve last updated this once active blog.

My mission was always to offer a step by step photo guide to simple, fresh, relatively healthy, and quick recipes. I basically created recipes to food that I love very much, recipes that were a direct product of the person I am; I am not following trends, I am not into fashionable dishes, I am not a typical vegan (Kale, I don’t like Kale, here, I said it!).

I am a person of the world; I grew up in Israel with a sailor dad who enabled me to see the world from a young age. I experienced Asia as a kid and a teenager; I was exposed to cultures and of course to their cuisines.Growing up in Israel made me a part of one of the most special fusion cultures in the world. My dad’s family is from Thessaloniki, my mom’s family is from Cairo (both my parents were born in Israel though). My neighbors while growing up were from Tunisia, morocco, Algiers, Poland and Argentina. I lived in NYC for years (Where I studied), and now I’ve been living in Hamburg, Germany for more than 10 years.

The food in Israel is like Israel itself: a crazy mixture of everything from everywhere. We might have not invented anything, but we sure did take dishes and made them our own, changed them to our taste, upgraded them when possible, and mixed them with other dishes, or spices, or herbs. Food is not just a functional thing in Israel, it’s central of our culture, and is present all the time, no matter what’s the occasion – we eat!

I am vegan for more than 8 years now, and in a way this blog was my main activism. I wanted people to see how amazing food that doesn’t contribute to abuse, torture, or killing of animals can be. Delicious, healthy, easy, wonderful, colorful, quick. I can proudly add that my activism took a step forward and I am currently the organizer of “Anonymous for the Voiceless” here in Hamburg.

So why didn’t I write and update the blog for so long?

In December 2016 I gave birth to a baby boy. Dorian Bowie Leonard. I was dreaming about this boy, and about the family we were going to be. I couldn’t wait to have a brother to my little girl Lennon. Dorian, unfortunately, was born with a severe and rare birth defect: Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia – CDH – and our lives were shuttered to tiny pieces. Dorian survived. After 3 months of horror at the NICU, after an OP at the age of 4 days – he fought and he won, but our lives will always be “before CDH” and “After CDH”.

Dorian is almost 15 months now. He will start Kindergarten next month, and although I am still not breathing some days, I decided to revive this blog. This will be another way for me to try and put my life back on the “before CDH” track. I know our lives will never be the same, but I can at least try.

For more information about CDH and Dorian’s story, please watch the video I made:

And here’s Dorian’s first birthday video:

Thank you for reading!

For inquires, please write: info@veganseks.com

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  1. Dear Inbar,

    honoring your effort and endurance for the 100 Spot Challenge on IG I thought it would be neat putting every single frame into a little GIF-Animation. Hope you enjoy the result. You can find it here:


    All the best wishes

    • Thank you dear Markus!
      I just posted it on the “Hamburg”section, it is beautiful!!!

    • Maike, this is so nice and sweet of you! I am going to read what this award is all about!
      Thank you so so much!

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