Israeli Pickles / Hamutzim

Hello dear people!

I was planning on writing a new recipe for two months already but somehow it never happend. My plans for my world famous scrambled tofu, or fried eggplants, hasselback potatoes, and a really good chocolate cake, all are still waiting.

And then, this morning, I made Hamutzim (in Hebrew, the plural word for “sour”).

Hamutzim are Israeli pickles. a mixture of veggies, some spices, and salt water, that are being sealed for three days. We eat Hamutzim very often in Israel, mostly on the beach, with beer, and some Bayga’le, which are hard pretzels. I remember as a kid, my dad used to prepare the jars and then leave them on the window’s edge for 2-3 days. This following recipe is from my dad, that’s how we make them in my family!

Hamuztim are VERY easy to prepare, so here, grab your jar and pickle with me!

What do we need? (for one big jar)

  • Half a cauliflower – well washed, and broken into florets
  • Half a cabbage head – washed well and cut into medium pieces
  • 2 carrots – peeled washed and sliced
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 lemon slices (no seeds)
  • Optional: red bell pepper cut into slices / 1 celery stalk cut into pieces


  • Salt
  • A few Allspice berries (or in other words, a few English peppers)
  • 2 – 3 bay leaves
  • A few cilantro seeds (not a must)
  • Optional: a spoon of curry powder – if you like the taste and color

Now what?

  • On the bottom of the jar, place the: garlic, pepper, bay leaves, cilantro seeds
  • Start layer the veggies, try to squeeze as much as possible
  • while adding the veggies, slip the lemon slices on the sides
  • Once full, start filling with water: on every cup of water add a spoon of salt – I just put a spoon of salt in a cup of warm water and let it melt before adding it.
  • When the jar is full with water, add a spoon of sugar, a spoon of vinegar on top and “close” with a few cabbage leaves
  • Seal the jar well, gently turn it upside down (above the sink and once you are sure it is closed well).
  • Let it sit on your counter, window edge, or pantry for three days
  • After three days, open gently, release the pressure – distribute into nice boxes/jars, give to family, friends, take to the park, but don’t forget to store in the fridge!


  • The jar might leak, so place it on a towel
  • Hamutzim can be kept, once ready, in the fridge, for 10 days, once they smell, throw them away!
  • If you’d like the yellow color but not the curry taste, add a spoon of turmeric
  • Yes, you can pickle radishes as well
  • Yes you can add fresh dill


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