Not just for kids! (Crispy Tofu Sticks and Macaroni & Cheese)

Greetings! As some of you may already know, in addition to this blog, I also write a blog in Hebrew about motherhood and parenting,, it has quiet some traffic and a wonderful group of mainly moms, mainly from Berlin, that reads it and writes me feedback which is always appreciated!  Recently, I have published a… Continue Reading →

Playdate Cookies

Greetings! The playdates season is on, and at least 2-3 times a week we have friends over or we are going to visit friends.  Being the only vegan mom in my circle (not easy and rather frustrating sometimes, I am contemplating writing a whole post about it, one day) I find myself making these cookies… Continue Reading →

Vegan Berlin #2

My latest Berlin visit was overdue, something always came up! I was more than happy to finally go there last weekend, mainly because I have wonderful friends in Berlin that I love very much. The fact that Berlin is a major vegan hub doesn’t hurt either. You can read my first account about Vegan Berlin… Continue Reading →

Vegan Edinburgh

Hello Everyone! It has been awhile, I know! Today, a special post about Vegan Edinburgh! My husband and I wanted to visit Scotland for a very long time [yes yes, we love Braveheart!], it was always on our list but never happened, and so, I decided to surprise him for his 40th birthday at the… Continue Reading →

Vegan Tel Aviv #5

Shalom ya’ll! Using WordPress app to write this post – please excuse all style weirdness – will fix it once I’m back home in Germany! So yes, I’m still in Israel, in my hometown of Eilat, and more than happy to present my 5th account of Vegan Tel Aviv! You can read about my other… Continue Reading →

Salads Madness

Greetings dear readers! Although I was trying really hard not to neglect the blog it didn’t really work! I sometimes see blogs of other mothers and wonder how did they have the time to update and write and post – my day is being consumed by an almost a year old (!) sunshine – we… Continue Reading →

Vegan Tel Aviv #4

Shalom Everyone!  It is already a tradition for me to write about vegan places after each visit in Tel Aviv. You can read about Vegan TLV 1, Vegan TLV 2, and Vegan TLV 3. This visit was very different because I have a tiny sweet baby with me, that meant mainly that our day was… Continue Reading →

Mmm mm mm Minestrone!

Hello Everyone! Soup season is almost over! This years’ winter was very mild here in Hamburg. It didn’t go below zero and snowed maybe twice. It was gray and windy and cold though! To celebrate the end of the soup season I am happy to present my Minestrone recipe! Like almost  everything that came out… Continue Reading →

TVP (Soy Curls) Shawarma

Greetings! Today, my recipe for Shawarma, aka Döner (in Turkey and Germany) or Gyro (in Greece) – famous, popular, and cheap street food in many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries. My Shawarma has a wonderful mixture of spices, and it is mixed with bell peppers, onions, and today I even added some mushrooms that I had…. Continue Reading →

Rainy Day Lentil Soup

Greetings! Today I am happy to present my recipe for a very rich and hearty and delicious lentil soup. It is cold outside; windy and wet, the days are dark, and I do have a tiny cute baby that keeps me busy around the clock. Yet I insist on cooking freshly every evening and soup is… Continue Reading →

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