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TVP (Soy Curls) Shawarma

Greetings! Today, my recipe for Shawarma, aka Döner (in Turkey and Germany) or Gyro (in Greece) – famous, popular, and cheap street food in many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries. My Shawarma has a wonderful mixture of spices, and it is mixed with bell peppers, onions, and today I even added some mushrooms that I had…. Continue Reading →

Burekasim? Yes! Burekasim!

Greetings! Burekasim are easy to make and are perfect for a light summer dinner, served with a salad, tahini and some side veggies. In Israel Burekasim are super popular. We buy them in bakeries, by the kilo, and they are filled with different kinds of cheeses or potatoes or mushrooms or olives or or or…… Continue Reading →

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