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Not just for kids! (Crispy Tofu Sticks and Macaroni & Cheese)

Greetings! As some of you may already know, in addition to this blog, I also write a blog in Hebrew about motherhood and parenting,, it has quiet some traffic and a wonderful group of mainly moms, mainly from Berlin, that reads it and writes me feedback which is always appreciated!  Recently, I have published a… Continue Reading →

TVP (Soy Curls) Shawarma

Greetings! Today, my recipe for Shawarma, aka Döner (in Turkey and Germany) or Gyro (in Greece) – famous, popular, and cheap street food in many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries. My Shawarma has a wonderful mixture of spices, and it is mixed with bell peppers, onions, and today I even added some mushrooms that I had…. Continue Reading →

Raisins Scones

I’ve only visited the UK once in my life, was in London for 10 days and loved it! It was when I was already a vegan so I did not get a chance to try REAL British scones and this cream they put on it (Ya, I know how it’s called!) That means that I… Continue Reading →

Hollandaise Sauce

Yes yes, it is asparagus (Spargel) season here in Germany again; I am a huge fan and try to eat it as often as possible because before I will know it the season will be over and I will be sad! I am still in love with my Spring Pasta with Green Asparagus [made it last… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Balls

Today I am happy to present one of my childhood favorites!  In Israel Chocolate Balls are considered kids dessert but I assure you that adults happily enjoy these as well. I made a batch for my birthday picnic last summer and they were gone in no time! These balls are simple and quick to make, contain… Continue Reading →

Roasted Peppers

Hello! Today, another super simple and quick recipe – how to oven roast peppers! I usually use red Moroccan peppers – they are long and sweet – they also come in green, but bell peppers will do as well. What’s so cool about roasted peppers? A few things: They are easy to prepare They last… Continue Reading →

Pig’s Ears / Elephant’s Ears / Chocolate Palmiers

I give up! Too many people asked me for this recipe! I kept thinking it is too simple and easy but hey, a recipe is a recipe! So I am more than happy providing my winning card at every party! Chocolate Palmiers, or Pig’s Ears cookies as they are known in Germany, or Elephant’s Ears as… Continue Reading →

Mini Za’atar Bombs

Hello! As promised on my birthday picnic post, I am happy to share with you the recipe for my Za’atar Bombs. I am guessing that some of you are rolling their eyes and already opening Google in order to find what the hell Za’atar is… so here’s a short explanation: Za’atar is a herbs and… Continue Reading →

Thai Curry FTW!

Greetings! I was thinking for some time if to start this post with health details regarding coconut milk but then, while researching, I made up my mind: this blog is not about what’s good or bad for us, and I am not going to invent the wheel with new breakthrough information; yes coconut milk has… Continue Reading →

Sabich – probably the best sandwich in the world…

Greetings! I just came back from three weeks vacation in Israel and let me tell you, it is a wonderful place for vegans! Hummus, Falafel, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables with a real taste, wonderful olives, vegan restaurants and cafes… and vegan options in almost every restaurant… oh the joy! (read my account of… Continue Reading →

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