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Playdate Cookies

Greetings! The playdates season is on, and at least 2-3 times a week we have friends over or we are going to visit friends.  Being the only vegan mom in my circle (not easy and rather frustrating sometimes, I am contemplating writing a whole post about it, one day) I find myself making these cookies… Continue Reading →

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Hello! Today I am happy to present the recipe for my husband’s favorite muffins! Just like the Banana Chocolate Chip Walnuts Maple Muffins these are simple to make-  with the same basic baking  idea: a bowl of dry ingredients mixed with a bowl of wet ones. I don’t know what it is about apples and cinnamon… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Balls

Today I am happy to present one of my childhood favorites!  In Israel Chocolate Balls are considered kids dessert but I assure you that adults happily enjoy these as well. I made a batch for my birthday picnic last summer and they were gone in no time! These balls are simple and quick to make, contain… Continue Reading →

Pig’s Ears / Elephant’s Ears / Chocolate Palmiers

I give up! Too many people asked me for this recipe! I kept thinking it is too simple and easy but hey, a recipe is a recipe! So I am more than happy providing my winning card at every party! Chocolate Palmiers, or Pig’s Ears cookies as they are known in Germany, or Elephant’s Ears as… Continue Reading →

Banana Chocolate Chip Walnut Maple Muffins

There they were… on my counter…  3 super ripe bananas just begging “use us… use us…”. Proud to present my lovely Banana Muffins! My little kick here is the maple syrup, a perfect match for the walnuts! Ingredients – for 12 muffins Dry: 1 cup whole wheat flour 1 cup regular flour 1 cup brown… Continue Reading →

Linzer Cookies & a Vegan Workshop

  Today’s cookies are my favorite cookies in the galaxy! Linzer Cookies – known in Israel as “Flower Jam Cookies”. I love these since I was a kid and when I lived in NYC I used to buy a HUGE one at my favorite Bagel place on West 4th. Since becoming vegan I made these… Continue Reading →

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