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Vegan Tel Aviv #4

Shalom Everyone!  It is already a tradition for me to write about vegan places after each visit in Tel Aviv. You can read about Vegan TLV 1, Vegan TLV 2, and Vegan TLV 3. This visit was very different because I have a tiny sweet baby with me, that meant mainly that our day was… Continue Reading →

TVP (Soy Curls) Shawarma

Greetings! Today, my recipe for Shawarma, aka Döner (in Turkey and Germany) or Gyro (in Greece) – famous, popular, and cheap street food in many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries. My Shawarma has a wonderful mixture of spices, and it is mixed with bell peppers, onions, and today I even added some mushrooms that I had…. Continue Reading →

Pitas with Za’atar [Hey! I am back!]

Greetings readers! It has been 4 month of me being a full time mom; and yes, I love it, and yes, my daughter is the smartest and cutest thing around – BUT I also missed blogging, so I will take it slowly and try posting new recipes here and there now that I am back… Continue Reading →

Vegan Tel Aviv #3 (+ the blog’s 1st birthday!)

Exactly a year ago this blog came to the virtual world. Yes, I have been cooking and writing and taking tons of photos for years but only a year ago I have decided to try to do something more serious with it. I wanted something fun, colorful, delicious, with lots of photos! So far so… Continue Reading →

Roasted Peppers

Hello! Today, another super simple and quick recipe – how to oven roast peppers! I usually use red Moroccan peppers – they are long and sweet – they also come in green, but bell peppers will do as well. What’s so cool about roasted peppers? A few things: They are easy to prepare They last… Continue Reading →

Linzer Cookies & a Vegan Workshop

  Today’s cookies are my favorite cookies in the galaxy! Linzer Cookies – known in Israel as “Flower Jam Cookies”. I love these since I was a kid and when I lived in NYC I used to buy a HUGE one at my favorite Bagel place on West 4th. Since becoming vegan I made these… Continue Reading →

Mini Za’atar Bombs

Hello! As promised on my birthday picnic post, I am happy to share with you the recipe for my Za’atar Bombs. I am guessing that some of you are rolling their eyes and already opening Google in order to find what the hell Za’atar is… so here’s a short explanation: Za’atar is a herbs and… Continue Reading →

Vegan Tel Aviv #2

Greetings! As promised, my second account of the local vegan scene in Tel Aviv.  As mentioned on my first post about Vegan Tel Aviv, the vegan lifestyle is currently strong in Israel; lots of new places, tastes and options combined together with the Israeli kitchen that result in a true heavenly vegan and vegan friendly… Continue Reading →

Sabich – probably the best sandwich in the world…

Greetings! I just came back from three weeks vacation in Israel and let me tell you, it is a wonderful place for vegans! Hummus, Falafel, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables with a real taste, wonderful olives, vegan restaurants and cafes… and vegan options in almost every restaurant… oh the joy! (read my account of… Continue Reading →

Sinaya – Cauliflower & Tomatoes & Tahini

Greetings! In my last Tel Aviv visit I came across the magical combination of tomatoes, cauliflower and tahini in a form of a popular dish from the Arab kitchen: Sinaya (+at least 5 different ways of spelling it…). Sinaya is the traditional clay pot that is used to cook this dish, but I do not… Continue Reading →

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