Pig’s Ears / Elephant’s Ears / Chocolate Palmiers

I give up! Too many people asked me for this recipe! I kept thinking it is too simple and easy but hey, a recipe is a recipe! So I am more than happy providing my winning card at every party!


Chocolate Palmiers, or Pig’s Ears cookies as they are known in Germany, or Elephant’s Ears as we call them in Israel (something with Pigs not being Kosher!).

I make these for every party  – people love them, they disappear so fast and sometimes, really rarely, when I show up without them… people are disappointed.

First, credits! I used the basic recipe of Carin Goren, an Israeli baker – I veganized it of course.

So, the next time that you have a party and want show them all how good vegan sweets can be but don’t have that much time: here are my Pig’s Ears – 5 minutes of work and an evening full of smiling, saying “thank you” and “yes, they are vegan”.

Ingredients –  for 28 cookies:

  • 2 X vegan puff pastry – cooled but not frozen! The frozen ones must be fully deforested and it is important that the dough won’t be too thick – see photos for ideal thickness.
  • A jar of a vegan chocolate spread – can also be a nutty chocolate spread (almond, macadamia etc. but not pure nutty – for example, peanut butter would not work here )
  • Some shredded coconut

Yes, you read it right, 3 ingredients.


  • Cover the puff pastry with one layer of the chocolate spread
  • Sprinkle coconut


  • Roll from both side (like a scroll)



  • Freeze for 30 minutes (roll in a baking sheet – my puff pastry arrives in one so I just roll it in it)
  • Slice (2 centimeters are enough – I get 14 pieces per roll)


  • Bake in a preheated oven 200c/400f for 15 minutes or until golden brown


  • Cool the cookies


  • Repeat

This puff pastry trick is perfect for parties… I sometimes make salty ears and the options are really endless – another example is my Zaatar Bombs, the same idea!


And another is my zucchini shaves / fig mustard and nigella seeds ears:



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