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Not just for kids! (Crispy Tofu Sticks and Macaroni & Cheese)

Greetings! As some of you may already know, in addition to this blog, I also write a blog in Hebrew about motherhood and parenting,, it has quiet some traffic and a wonderful group of mainly moms, mainly from Berlin, that reads it and writes me feedback which is always appreciated!  Recently, I have published a… Continue Reading →

Capellini Pomodoro

Ciao! Lately we eat a lot of Pasta. Such a lovely comfort food for cold and dark winter days; always delicious and simple to make. Most of the time we have everything around so no wonder it’s a fast solution for tired evenings when the other option is Thai take-out. Not planning on inventing the… Continue Reading →

Creamy Mushrooms Pasta with a Twist!

Greetings! Long time no see, I know… but it was mainly because my birthday took place and as most proud Leos it kept me busy. I had a wonderful day and organized a vegan picnic to more than 20 friends, I am planning on dedicating a post for that but it will have to wait…. Continue Reading →

Spring Pasta with Green Asparagus

Greetings! One of the cultural phenomenon that I encountered when I moved to Germany was that of the Spargel  – Asparagus in German. White or green, with a very short season (mid May till mid June) the Spargel is being celebrated intensively in Germany; you can buy it everywhere and eat it everywhere.  The highlight… Continue Reading →

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