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Mmm mm mm Minestrone!

Hello Everyone! Soup season is almost over! This years’ winter was very mild here in Hamburg. It didn’t go below zero and snowed maybe twice. It was gray and windy and cold though! To celebrate the end of the soup season I am happy to present my Minestrone recipe! Like almost  everything that came out… Continue Reading →

Capellini Pomodoro

Ciao! Lately we eat a lot of Pasta. Such a lovely comfort food for cold and dark winter days; always delicious and simple to make. Most of the time we have everything around so no wonder it’s a fast solution for tired evenings when the other option is Thai take-out. Not planning on inventing the… Continue Reading →

Excuses for October + Vegan Rome

All of a sudden October is gone and I did not write a single post. Busy month this October was. It started with a wonderful week spent in Rome with my mom and my sister (for the occasion of my mom’s birthday). Such a lovely place this Rome! The historian/tour guide/teacher in me prepared the… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Pizza

Perfect dough! And yes, the husband eats his with a fork and a knife… O.o Do you know a single person who doesn’t like pizza? Me neither. At the first few years of my vegan life the pizza disappeared from my diet. I didn’t bother to make any at home and on the very rare… Continue Reading →

Creamy Mushrooms Pasta with a Twist!

Greetings! Long time no see, I know… but it was mainly because my birthday took place and as most proud Leos it kept me busy. I had a wonderful day and organized a vegan picnic to more than 20 friends, I am planning on dedicating a post for that but it will have to wait…. Continue Reading →

Spring Pasta with Green Asparagus

Greetings! One of the cultural phenomenon that I encountered when I moved to Germany was that of the Spargel  – Asparagus in German. White or green, with a very short season (mid May till mid June) the Spargel is being celebrated intensively in Germany; you can buy it everywhere and eat it everywhere.  The highlight… Continue Reading →

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