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Salads Madness

Greetings dear readers! Although I was trying really hard not to neglect the blog it didn’t really work! I sometimes see blogs of other mothers and wonder how did they have the time to update and write and post – my day is being consumed by an almost a year old (!) sunshine – we… Continue Reading →

Mmm mm mm Minestrone!

Hello Everyone! Soup season is almost over! This years’ winter was very mild here in Hamburg. It didn’t go below zero and snowed maybe twice. It was gray and windy and cold though! To celebrate the end of the soup season I am happy to present my Minestrone recipe! Like almost  everything that came out… Continue Reading →

Rainy Day Lentil Soup

Greetings! Today I am happy to present my recipe for a very rich and hearty and delicious lentil soup. It is cold outside; windy and wet, the days are dark, and I do have a tiny cute baby that keeps me busy around the clock. Yet I insist on cooking freshly every evening and soup is… Continue Reading →

Singapore Noodles

Do you know the joke about this guy who went to China on a business trip and when he came back and handed in his expenses the HR manager called him and asked how come he ate at a Chinese restaurant every evening? This joke is one of my dad’s favorites. He was a sailor… Continue Reading →

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