Raisins Scones

I’ve only visited the UK once in my life, was in London for 10 days and loved it! It was when I was already a vegan so I did not get a chance to try REAL British scones and this cream they put on it (Ya, I know how it’s called!) That means that I… Continue Reading →

Pitas with Za’atar [Hey! I am back!]

Greetings readers! It has been 4 month of me being a full time mom; and yes, I love it, and yes, my daughter is the smartest and cutest thing around – BUT I also missed blogging, so I will take it slowly and try posting new recipes here and there now that I am back… Continue Reading →

The Blog’s Break Announcement!

Dear Friends, Readers, Followers! The blog will take a [hopefully] short break! Our daughter, Lennon Zoë, was born at the end of July and yes, I am a full time mum now! Please feel free to leave comments and contact me when needed! Thanks and see you soon!      

Just a few updates!

Yes, long time no recipes! But in the meantime, here are a few things that made me happy! Vegan Seks and my Sabich recipe were featured on Rethink Israel, in an article about “8 Delicious Vegan Friendly Foods of Israel”   Vegan Seks was also featured on Ultimate Vegan World in their collection of Vegan Germany… Continue Reading →

Singapore Noodles

Do you know the joke about this guy who went to China on a business trip and when he came back and handed in his expenses the HR manager called him and asked how come he ate at a Chinese restaurant every evening? This joke is one of my dad’s favorites. He was a sailor… Continue Reading →

Gyoza / Jiaozi / Pot-Stickers 101

Greetings! This is an old post, one of my firsts; I recently edited it and added some new photos. Enjoy! Gyozas are one of those things that everyone I know loves; who can say no to tiny thingies filled with yummy stuff, then fried, then steamed? Or just fried or just steamed? Not me that’s… Continue Reading →

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Hello! Today I am happy to present the recipe for my husband’s favorite muffins! Just like the Banana Chocolate Chip Walnuts Maple Muffins these are simple to make-  with the same basic baking  idea: a bowl of dry ingredients mixed with a bowl of wet ones. I don’t know what it is about apples and cinnamon… Continue Reading →

Hollandaise Sauce

Yes yes, it is asparagus (Spargel) season here in Germany again; I am a huge fan and try to eat it as often as possible because before I will know it the season will be over and I will be sad! I am still in love with my Spring Pasta with Green Asparagus [made it last… Continue Reading →

Vegan Tel Aviv #3 (+ the blog’s 1st birthday!)

Exactly a year ago this blog came to the virtual world. Yes, I have been cooking and writing and taking tons of photos for years but only a year ago I have decided to try to do something more serious with it. I wanted something fun, colorful, delicious, with lots of photos! So far so… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Balls

Today I am happy to present one of my childhood favorites!  In Israel Chocolate Balls are considered kids dessert but I assure you that adults happily enjoy these as well. I made a batch for my birthday picnic last summer and they were gone in no time! These balls are simple and quick to make, contain… Continue Reading →

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